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In the tumult of school classroom dynamics a pupil’s individual needs are not always addressed. A private tutor will concentrate
on any misunderstandings or questions a pupil has. Students will gain confidence, enjoy the subject more and
be motivated to develop personal discipline to become life-long learners.

There are many reasons that parents choose to employ a private tutor for their child.

  • Struggling with homework
  • Concerned feedback from school teachers
  • A drop in results
  • General anxiety from children regarding their studies
  • Increasing confidence in a subject
  • Supplement classroom teaching
  • Ensure the best results for entrance exams or university places

Whatever the reason for using a private tutor, it’s important to discuss the reasons with your child. If a student is happy to use the services of a tutor and thinks it will make a difference, there is a higher likelihood that private tuition will be effective.

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Hayes Tuition specialises in

Eleven plus (11+) grammar school entrance exam preparation

Verbal reasoning, Non-verbal reasoning, English and Maths

SATs – Key stages 1, 2 & 3

Individually tailored courses in English, Maths and Science for students from Year 7-9


Invaluable tuition to help you achieve the best possible GCSE results


Get the top grades you need to attain your ideal university place


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