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We provide tuition in English, Maths and the Sciences, covering SATs, GCSE and A-Levels along National Curriculum guidelines.

We also prepare students to sit the 11+ entrance exams for grammar and public schools.

Entrance into grammar schools is very competitive and only a small percentage of students attain the required standard. This has become even more difficult since the introduction of CEM (Durham University) Exams.

We recommend that students who need help in the core subjects of English and Maths should start tuition in year 3 or 4. Children who are excelling at school can start 11+ tuition at the beginning of year 5.

Parents should initially talk to the child’s school teacher, who will advise them on the suitability of their child to sit the 11+ entrance exam. Alternatively, we are happy to carry out an assessment.

Yes, we only employ fully qualified, experienced tutors who are currently teaching or recently retired.

Every member of staff at Hayes Tuition Centre has a CRB/DBS check. 

The maximum number of students up to GCSE level per tutor is 6. For A-Level students, the maximum number is 4.

One-to-one tuition does not suit every student. Usually, during a one-to-one tuition session, the tutor spends a lot of time observing the child working, which can be unsettling for some pupils. Small group sessions not only allow the students to call on the teacher’s undivided attention when necessary, it can help them to nurture their own learning skills in a supportive environment. This, of course, will assist them when they are in larger classes at school.

Students also feel less isolated and provide motivation for each other in a group situation. However, it is essential that these groups are not too large. Years of experience has taught us that the optimum number of students is 6 up to and including GCSE level and 4 for A-levels.

We have an extensive range of resources to cover all the core subjects, ie English, Maths and the Sciences. Apart from published material and past papers, we have a comprehensive range of material compiled by our teachers for the exclusive use of our students.

Missed sessions are non-refundable – subject to 24 hour’s notice, If available we will offer the student an alternative session during that week. Please note that this is for the child’s benefit – continuation is of paramount importance if the pupil is going to maximise his/her full potential.

Yes, the building is registered with the London Borough of Hillingdon and the premises are exclusively used for tuition, and not shared with any other organisation.

Please contact us by text, email or telephone, and we will answer within 24 hours.


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